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Julie in Guatemala
c. 1980



The Shelburne Arts Cooperative in Shelburne Falls, MA is proud to present a retrospective of the work of one of our founders, Julie Hall Rocke, in May 2014 (April 30 through May 26).  Julie, who lived many years with her husband, Ken Rocke, in Heath, passed away unexpectedly on September 23, 2013.

The retrospective will show the wonderful imagery and color of Julie's work, much of it representing her powerful and evocative memories of her life and work in Guatemala.
Julie is remembered as an extraordinary artist and nurturing and devoted friend by many whose lives she touched from Guatemala to Western Massachusetts. 


To see more of Julie's work or for information on the price of originals, giclees or greeting cards, go to JulieHallRocke.com

Going To Market

"Going To Market"


First Waterlilly Bud

"First Waterlily Bud"



"Misty Morning"

"Under the Mountain"


The Warriors Then and Now

"The Warriors
Then and Now"


The Sandman

"The Sandman"


The Rug

"Small Hauntings"



The Jaguar's Vessel

"The Jaguar's Vessel"


The Gathering

"The Gathering"


The Election

"The Election"


The Dreamcatchers

"The Dreamcatchers"

Tender Guardians

"Tender Guardian"


Stone Walk

"Stone Walk"


Snake Dance

"Snake Dancer"







Opening at Dawn

"Opening At Dawn"

On The Move

"On The Move"






Nathan's Garden

"Nathan's Garden"


My Wedding

"My Wedding Party"


Marta's Journey

"Marta's Journey"


Lakkej - The Little Horse

"Lajke - The Little House"

Lady Slippers

"Lady Slippers"


Flower Market

"Flower Market"



Winter's Mist

"Winter Morning"

Luna Moth and Moon

"Luna Moth and Moon"

Dream Sequence

"Dream Sequence"

Down Under

"Down Under"


Breaking Through

"Breaking Through"




"Lords of the Cloud Forest"



"And There They Go"


All Saints Day

"All Saints' Day"

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